Showbox apk download : Latest working app v5.24

Showbox is a free software to download and surf paid movies & TV shows over the internet. It has been down from last 2 weeks. But according to recent news, a new update has been launched in which the app is again working fine. So, let’s download the latest Showbox apk.

showbox apk download

The latest version of the show box app is working fine and it has given a ray of hopes to its users. The app is back alive.

From last 1 week, the app was down. Twitter was full of tweets regarding the apk being down. But now according to recent news, it is back up and working fine.

We have personally checked the latest v5.24 showbox apk and it is up. You can download the apk from below and start using it.

Showbox Apk 2019 Update
The 2019 update is full of new features in the app. The latest showbox apk is free for use and lesser advertisements which means better user engagement and interface.

Some of the reasons to update your showbox apk is the new update coming in 2019. In this update, you can only search for 480p and HD movies. The theatre print or camera recording prints will not be available.

After so many legal issues the app is again up and running which means now users can enjoy using the app. But now also the showbox apk is against laws and still it’s risky to use.

Movies studios can get whole details about the users who are using the app as it is in the policy of the app developers. Be safe and take precautions while using the apk.

Showbox latest version app has all the recent features of the last version. The app is fine and works without the connection error showing in the app.

ShowBox Apk download

The connection error and internet connection problems are fully solved. We know that from last some days movies studios had sued top websites distributing showbox apk.

Many large websites has been shut down with a warning message on their homepage. This warning has driven the users away from using the app.

After that, the apk was down and the internet gurus stated it the end of the so-called showbox app. But it is again up and started working in the recent update.

This update was given by show box within the app and after updating it the app was back in the game.

The last update wasn’t showing TV shows in it, It only had movies section. But now everything is fine and works well.

Here is the link to the latest showbox apk download.

Download showbox apk

Download the apk from the above button to start using it. The app is back and working fine but it doesn’t mean that it is legal now.

You still have the problems regarding the copyright issues from movies studios and it is still not legal to use. Users are solely responsible for using the app.

Latest showbox apk features
The latest apk has all the previous features. It doesn’t have any new feature in it. The app update has just launched for solving the connection error.

If you don’t know about the error. The app was getting errors from last 1 week and everybody thought that it was the end of the app.

But after the latest update, it is back in the game. This has shut down the mouths of those who were saying about the shut down of the app.

Here are some of the queries you would have in your mind!

Is showbox connection error has been solved?

Yes! the connection error which was showing in the app has been solved after the latest update.

You can download the latest v5.24 version from above. It is free to download.

Is it legal to use?
No! The app is still against copyright laws and you can be sued for using it.

You can download it for educational purposes from above. We don’t promote showbox apk. We just update the users about the latest updates of showbox app.

My app is still not running!

The app is running and you can download it from above. If you are still getting errors then uninstall the current version of the apk.

Then download the apk uploaded above and install it.

I am not able to install the latest version apk!

You may get errors while installing the apk if you have not allowed the installation from unknown sources.

Kindly refer to the Android installation procedure section to get the complete guide for installing the showbox apk.

These were some of the FAQs about the latest working apk, if you are still getting any errors or need any help then comment below for assistance.

We will love to help you out. This website doesn’t promote the app and it just gives the latest information about the app features & updates.


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